Please, Please Me – The Album Guide by Joe Rodgers

Please, Please Me – The Album Guide by Joe Rodgers

Title: The Beatles, Please Please Me – The Album Guide

Author: Joe Rodgers

Format: Kindle Edition

Publisher: Dinosaur Album Guides


Few people would be able to successfully argue against the impact of The Beatles and their music on rock ‘n’ roll.

Starting with‘Please, Please Me; The Album Guide’, Dinosaur Album Guides trace the work of the rock band that set the bar for all those who came after.

Well researched and covering each song’s history, style, and delivery. Not content to dissect the lyrics, the guide looks at the engineering and production details, guest musicians and if at times he seems to be examining every drop of sweat that went into each and every note, it’s easily forgiven by his obvious passion for the music.

Rodgers’ writing style is easy to read and informative and never boring.
Please, Please Me is an informative, interesting and fun book that is must have for every music lover’s bookshelf.


by Angelique Jurd for The Kindle Book Review


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