The Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award

The Sunshine Award, is an award that helps to spotlight blogs, in particular those with a focus on new YA. Most  have under 1,000 followers.

Gosh, thanks so much to the lovely Candi, over on Just Can’t Beat Books. I was honored to be in such great company – there are some Very Cool young bloggers out there folks, including Candi, reviewing all kinds of books, so be nice and visit them.
But first there are a few questions I have to answer:
1. Favourite Color?
Red and electric pink. Generally not at the same time…
2. Favourite animal?
Bears and a certain pair of twin black Mandalay cats that sometimes let me cuddle them.
3.Favourite number?
4. Favourite (non-alcoholic) drink?
Coffee or peach iced tea
5. Facebook or Twitter?
Both. I admit it, I’m a social media junky.
6.My passions?
In no particular order: My family, Bruce Springsteen, Buddhism, writing, reading, editing, reviewing, blogging, movies, chocolate, champagne.
7. Getting or giving presents?
Giving because it always more fun. Not that I’m against getting you understand….but I do love watching my kids’ faces when they get presents.
8.Favourite pattern?
Not if I see it coming first – classic and plain, that’s me.
9. Favourite day/s of the week?
The ones when I get to read, write, review, edit, listen to Bruce, laugh with my kids, kiss my man, chant, eat chocolate, and sip champagne. Which is pretty much most of them….
10. Favourite Flower?
Orange tulips and bright pink water lillies.

So before I pass the award on, remember….
“If you are mentioned, don’t forget to thank the person that nominated you for the award on your blog, answer the ten questions, choose ten other recipients to pass the award onto.”
It’s a lovely way to pass ¬†raise your profile while helping other bloggers raise theirs.

So my top ten:

Mary over at The Sweet Bookshelf

Debdatta over at B00kr3vi3ws


Dawn over at FlitLit

Lisa over at Paranormal & Urban Fantasy Reviews & Goodies

The fabulous Teen Book Guru – I love this blog big time….

Minerva over at Fictionally Yours, Minnie

Keturah over at Bubble Gum Book Reviews

Sister Spooky over at Sister Spooky: Book Fangirl

Evie over at Evie-Bookish




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